Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Radion Aminov - Places for Kids to Visit in NYC

Radion Aminov and other New York City parents are fortunate to live in an area that offers multiple venues for kids of all ages. From education to parks to food, New York City has ample locations for parents to take kids to keep them active and entertained. 

Central Park is an excellent location for families as it provides plenty of room to walk, bike, run, and play. The park also houses a historic carousel and bike rentals are located on the safest traffic stretch of the park, near the Central Park Boathouse. The Central Park Zoo gives kids the chance to see polar bears and sea lions, as well as get up close and personal at the petting zoo. Nearby the park are other entertainment options for kids, namely the Swedish Marionette Theatre that produces hour-long puppet shows based on classic fairy tales. Teenagers can channel their inner Holden Caulfield two blocks north in the American Museum of Natural History. The museum features dinosaur and whale skeletons, as well as a meteorite. Kids may also be captivated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s medieval swords and daggers or the Egyptian art and history exhibits. 

New York City residents, like Radion Aminov, have a wealth of dining out options to choose from for the family. The Shake Shack offers its renowned burgers, fries, and flat-top hot dogs for dinner. Afterwards, families can end the night with a refreshing dessert from CafĂ© Lalo, or grab a cone from one of New York City’s many ice cream shops.