Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Organizational Leadership - How Radion Aminov Inspired Positive Change

​Sometimes, organizations of all kinds have to change to remain operational. This is especially true of businesses, which have to adapt to all kinds of fluctuations in the market, their target audiences, their operating budgets, and more. Radion Aminov has worked as the CFO of the World Funding Company, an investment firm that supports local small businesses throughout the New York City area and provides investors with a solid choice to put their money. Aminov became an organizational leader by gaining experience and implementing changes when they needed to be made.

Radion Aminov didn’t actually have to shift the entire direction of the company when he came to the World Funding Company. He only had to make some changes to the way the World Funding Company ran its operating budget and determined its measures of success. Radion Aminov is grateful to have worked so many personnel who were willing to make the necessary changes and follow his lead. Organization leadership can be taught in school, but most leaders just have innate abilities to get people to follow them and to communicate with others as clearly as possible. Aminov used his innate communication and relatable skills to make the organizational changes he needed to make. He also made sure that no workers would be in danger of losing their jobs. This took the pressure off and made everyone feel more loose and ready to work at the company.

Radion Aminov is proud of his work with the World Funding Company, which has satisfied investors while giving opportunities to many small businesses in the New York area.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Radion Aminov - Three Tips for Better Financial Security

Radion Aminov has worked as a money manager and financial expert for many years in New York City. He is the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company, a new kind of investment firm that works with small businesses to get them the capital they need to invest in themselves while promising returns to investors. Aminov is extremely skilled with managing finances, and he has three tips to help the typical American family or individual manage theirs:
  • Write down you budget. Keep a written record of all expenses and income so that you can easily keep track of how you’re spending your money. This is the first step to managing your finances responsibly, according to Radion Aminov.
  • Make adjustments to your budget on both sides. Everyone can work to save a little bit more money every month, but sometimes the answer is to find a way to make more money in order to balance the budget. Radion Aminov sees this as a common problem for most individuals: they aren’t thinking big enough.
  • Don’t be afraid of change. Make changes as you need to your budget. Never get trapped in a cycle that doesn’t work for you. Most of us are constantly shifting in their expenses and incomes, but that doesn’t mean you should remain consistent in an approach that doesn’t work.
Radion Aminov has helped the World Funding Company become a new player in the investment firm community of Wall Street in the New York City area.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Radion Aminov - What is an Investment Company?

Before we dive into what exactly an investment company is, Radion Aminov, the CFO of the World Funding Company would like to insist that his company is not a typical investment company. Aminov is an executive officer in an investment company that operates differently than others in the field. The World Funding Company assists small businesses in return for fair interest rates that are subject to change at the behest of Aminov based on various factors. The World Funding Company strictly invests in local small businesses in New York City, rather than securities, stocks, bonds, or commodities as a normal investment company does. Since these investments are typically piecemeal and riskier than normal investments, the World Funding Company promises guaranteed returns on investment for their investors. Smaller investors looking for a minimum return put money into the World Funding Company, which fuels the local economy in its own small way.

Radion Aminov wanted to join the World Funding Company because it was a different kind of investment firm. What do investment firms usually do? Their main business usually is holding securities for investment purposes, investing money on behalf of their investors, or clients, who share in the profit or loss of the firm’s investments according to the shares they put in. Radion Aminov worked with these companies at times before he came to work for the World Funding Company and was excited to join a team with new and challenging ideas about how an investment firm should help its community.

Radion Aminov lives in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Radion Aminov - CFO of the World Funding Company

Radion Aminov became the CFO of the World Funding Company after getting a call from a few friends from his time at New York University as a Finance major. Aminov couldn’t turn the position down. He had worked on Wall Street for several years and wanted a change in his career. He has helped the company grow and help other small businesses throughout New York City get their start and form profitable relationships that will help both the World Funding Company and its clients over time.

Radion Aminov wanted to be a part of the World Funding Company because he wanted to help small businesses in the New York City area get their start. The World Funding Company works with exclusively small, local businesses to get their doors open and on their way to profitability. Radion Aminov became the CFO of the company because he was refreshed by their approach to sometimes take on more risk than other funding and investment companies are willing to. The World Funding Company sees the business beyond the numbers in front of them. They aren’t afraid to take a risk on potential for small businesses in the city. They have routinely invested in businesses because its leaders believed in the people running them. They invest in people, not numbers or profit margins.

Radion Aminov is proud of his work with the World Funding Company because he has seen how their investments have positively affected many communities in New York City. The World Funding Company is always looking for new businesses to support so that they can provide the various neighborhoods and boroughs of New York with their much-needed products and services.