Monday, 8 August 2016

Radion Aminov - Risk Management 101

Radion Aminov is a successful professional in the financial industry who possesses extensive experience and expertise in the area of budgeting, analysis, compliance, and risk management.

He has been employed as the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company since 2015 and has already helped with finding new clients, including small businesses in need of investment capital.

When it comes to the many responsibilities that he oversees, including risk management, he ensures that all best practices are followed.

Risk management is the process of understanding, addressing, and analyzing risk in order to better achieve the goals of an organization.

There are various standards and protocols involved with effective and efficient risk management, some of which include the following:
  • Calculations: Identification of risk and assessment of its rank is a common practice involved with risk management. ‘RiskRegister’ is a copyrighted process that sorts risks in order of their threat level, while other strategies for calculating risk include probabilistic modeling techniques.
  • Exposure Reduction: A crucial component in many risk management tasks is assessing risk and reducing the exposure of an organization to it. One of the commonly accepted definitions of risk is ‘exposure to uncertainty’, and, therefore, limiting an organization’s exposure to unknown factors assists in the elimination of risk.
  • Making Risk Awareness a Priority: Ensuring that the entire team, including those in senior or executive positions as well as members of the corporate board of directors, are aware of practical and essential aspects of risk management, is beneficial towards the reduction of risk.
Radion Aminov is dedicated to his management of risk reduction strategies.